Sports Fitness ProgramsOne of the most

Sports Fitness ProgramsOne of the most

Sports Fitness Programs

One of the most versatile training equipment ever designed, and can also make at home: it takes a wall, 4 bolts and a drill. Unjustly forgotten, the back is in the limelight. Here are two exercises to tone your body and lose weight. Try these sports fitness programs for 10-14 weeks, at least 2 times a week (aerobics session by adding a 40 ''for resistance).titan gel prix

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4 sets of 12 repetitions with 1 recovery for all periodsjinx repellent magic


Circuit of 5 laps of 25 repetitions for each exercise without a breakerogan composición


FRONT SQUAT ESPALIER - In front of the back, put your feet shoulder width apart with toes. Grab one of the steps up to the dock. Flex your legs and get up to bring your thighs parallel to the floor. Stop for 3 seconds, exhale and ascended up to stretch their legs.turbo max pleistru naudojimas

Sink WITH FOOT IN SUPPORT - Same position of squat, but you are at least three feet from the back. Stretch your foot and place it over the second step, then flexes the leg support as you can, stop 2 seconds then goes back. First right then left.

Side opening one arm at a time - with the right side near the back, stuck his right hand, stretch the left arm and go out. You will end up with standing at the back and the body tilted to the outside (left hand hold a dumbbell). He raises his arm up to the shoulder. Exhale and slowly descends.

PUSH ON ARMS WITH FEET IN SUPPORT - face down, hands on the ground shoulder width apart. He sticks his feet in the second or third step of the back, at this point, push the arms up to stretch fully, exhale and get slowly back down without touching the trunk to the ground. Keep your body straight and aligned with the legs.


CURL WITH HANDLEBARS WITH BACK IN SUPPORT - Grab two dumbbells, leaning back to back and from this position flexes legs till their thighs are parallel to the floor. Flex your arms, raise the dumbbells and portals in the chest, and stop for 2 seconds and returns to the starting point.

Paddler with a dumbbell - Grab a dumbbell, bent forward facing back, with his free hand attached to the back and left arm dangling over the handlebars. Lift the handle and take it to the abdomen, exhale, back down and stretch the whole arm.

All sports fitness programs, combined with a healthy and balanced diet will help you lose weight faster, tone and shape your body. A balanced diet means you can eat about anything, but never exaggerate. Small portions are indicated if you are trying to lose weight. A healthy diet means you should exclude fried meals and junk food meals from your diet, in order to keep your cholesterol under control and prevent diseases.